How do you hump smarter?

You don't have to abstain from sex, as Ed suggests, to prevent an unplanned pregnancy — but if you’re sexually active with the opposite sex, finding the right contraception is important for both you and wildlife.


International icons of global warming, polar bears are going extinct as the Arctic sea ice melts beneath their feet because of the greenhouse gas emissions of more than 7.5 billion people — especially those in high-consumption nations like the United States. The bears were put on the U.S. endangered species list in 2008.

Do It Better Than Ed: Wear a condom. Condoms are an easy and cheap way to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Eighty-two percent effective.


Despite its name, the fisher doesn't eat fish or even live by the ocean. These forest dwellers munch on everything from birds to small mammals to fruit. In fact, fishers are the only animals tough and clever enough to prey regularly on porcupines — no easy feat. Logging and development have decimated the old-growth forests they need to thrive.

Do It Better Than Ed: Take the birth control pill. The pill has been a well-known, effective way for women to control their reproductive futures for generations. Ninety-one percent effective.


With strong hooves that balloon to the size of dinner plates come winter, mountain caribou are well adapted for life in their winter wonderland home. Yet nothing could have prepared these majestic creatures for the snowmobile traffic that now hurtles across their mountains. Not only do snowmobiles scare the docile animals and change migration patterns, they also create compacted trails that make caribou easy meals for predators.

Do It Better Than Ed: Get an IUD. The IUD, or Intrauterine Device, is a long-lasting form of contraception that takes remembering your birth control out of the equation for 3 to 10 years at a time. Ninety-nine percent effective.


The eastern diamondback rattlesnake is the largest rattlesnake in the world. But size doesn’t matter when the snake’s habitat has been reduced to less than 2 or 3 percent of its historical size. The eastern diamondback is also highly persecuted by humans, who kill it maliciously for sport and for its skin and meat.

Do It Better Than Ed: Use emergency contraception. Emergency Contraception (a.k.a. Plan B or the “morning after pill”) prevents unintended pregnancy if you didn’t use, or had an issue with, contraception in the heat of the moment. Effectiveness varies depending on how soon after sex you take the pill.


Human population growth is a primary driver of the massive plant and animal extinction crisis now occurring. With more than 7.5 billion people on Earth, humans have killed off tens of thousands of other species. But we can still save wildlife, from polar bears to rattlesnakes, by choosing to stop hogging the planet.

Choosing effective birth control is not only important for you, but for all the other life that shares this crowded globe. To make sure we leave room for that life, it’s critical that every pregnancy is planned and that people take the environment into consideration when planning when — or if — they want their family to grow.

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